Tube & Tram Ticket Price per person                                $15.00

                                         Call: 352.465.7155 for additional information


$ 5.00 Entrance Fee per vehicle up to 8 people for Rainbow Springs State Park Tube Entrance. 

$ 2.00 Entrance Fee per person at Head Springs Entrance

Phone Number at Head Springs                                        352.465.8555

Phone Number at Tram & Tube Entrance                         352.465.8525

Phone Number at Campground                                         352.465.8550

Amount of People                      Time                                            Price

(The above pricing includes The State of Florida Sales Tax of 6%  and Marion County Sur-Tax of 1% for a Total of 7% Tax)

Tube & Tram Price

For Every Hour After for 1 or 2 People                                                              $15.00

Coming Soon !

Rainbow Springs State Park

For Every Hour After For 3 People                                                                    $15.00

                         Call 352.465.3211 for any other additional information.

Maximum Amount of People allowed in a Kayak is 2 Person's.


Maximum Amount of People in a Canoe is 3 Person's.

Nature Quest does not rent lifejackets or paddles !

3 People                                               2-Hours                                                $40.00

1 or 2 People                                       2-Hours                                                $30.00