Rainbow Springs State Park

Driver's License & Deposit Required on each rental.

(No Exceptions)

All guest Must / Shall have a lifejacket. Please select a lifejacket that fits you and your fellow party members before entering the watercraft. All children Must / Shall be over the age of 3 years old to participate in these activities.  All children from 3 to 6 years old Must / Shall wear & buckle their lifejackets at all times while in the watercraft.  All guest must agree to and follow our Essential Eligibility Criteria in order to participate in Nature Quest rentals.  All guest Must / Shall sign our Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement.  Nature Quest highly recommends all guest wear and buckle their lifejackets at all times.

Tube & Tram Price

1 or 2 People                                       2-Hours                                                $30.00         

Maximum Amount of People allowed in a Kayak is 2 Person's.


Maximum Amount of People in a Canoe is 3 Person's.

Nature Quest does not rent lifejackets or paddles !

3 People                                               2-Hours                                                $40.00

                   Tube & Tram Ticket Price per person                                $15.00

                                         Call: 352.465.7155 for additional information


$ 5.00 Entrance Fee per vehicle up to 8 people for Rainbow Springs State Park Tube Entrance. 

$ 2.00 Entrance Fee per person at Head Springs Entrance

Phone Number at Head Springs                                        352.465.8555

Phone Number at Tram & Tube Entrance                         352.465.8525

Phone Number at Campground                                         352.465.8550



Services & Information

For Every Hour After For 3 People                                                                    $15.00

                         Call 352.465.3211 for any other additional information.

Amount of People                      Time                                            Price

(The above pricing includes The State of Florida Sales Tax of 6%  and Marion County Sur-Tax of 1% for a Total of 7% Tax)

For Every Hour After for 1 or 2 People                                                              $15.00